Taller Holística: Conformación de espacios de Paz.

In this seminar about the Holistic Peace they explain us the philosophy and gave us some exercises to find inner Peace. Normally, I am very open to this kind of things, however  due to my rejection to spiritual things, I considered it something interesting but more from a pleasure perspective.

However, in this seminar I found out many things about my self that I have never thought. Maybe the most important one is that I need to take care of my self and especially of my body and feelings. For once in my life I took time to listen to my body, my emotions and my feelings.

In the seminar they show us how to find peace spaces that could motivate our creativity and are made up of various activities that integrate the different areas that make up our being: body, emotions, thoughts, social life, spirituality and actions.

For so many years, I have excluded some of these parts, specially body and spirituality, from my existence and internal relations. During the seminar with the exercises we did I realized that some of my internal conflicts that come from my actions are related to this: actions that after the seminar I realized I could change to reactions If I keep on working on my relation with my body and spiritual side.

From this new experience I understood that as a human being I am not only a rational being but also an spiritualist and physical being, full of emotions, feelings and energy that that should be reflected and worked at the same level as I reflect my external relations and my internal rational ones.

Moreover, this has made me reflect a lot about my rejection to religion but more about the lack of discipline and practice I have in non-rational internal relations. I should state that rational internal relations are something I have found in my life. However, I did not have the opportunity to connect to my body and feelings in the way the presented us in the seminar and I found out that in order to work for peace I need to find inner peace first, not only from the rational way I presented in my first paper but also from a more emotional and physical way.

I understood that just as main stream culture has isolated internal rational relations that could influence social changes, it has also isolate spiritualist and physical relations with our bodies that could help us understand better ourselves, find our inner peace and be able to share it with the rest of the world. I realized that this inner peace is a further dimension of internal relations and that it will be reflected in the relations with the outside world. In the words of Grian, ” with this very complex set of interactions, we generated our inner reality and we project to the outside world, which react more or less consistent with what you receive from us” (Grian, 2004: 123).



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