Workshop on Mediation Techniques

Once again the speaker asked the public to go to the front of the hall. He wanted to feel us, to see how we react and to create a confortable ambient for free speach: we were allowed to interrupt , critique or just comment. It is supposed to be a Workshop not a formal and silence lecture.

– “Hello I am Peter Brooks and I am a conflict coacher”

I like him. He knows how to communicate and he knows that although some of us know english there are some expressions that we may not know. I like this appreciation. I have being with this problem since I started the Master and nowone realised it.

– “Tell me the first word you listen when you hear “Conflict”.

It seems is going to be a nice and at least entairtain seminar. He keeps on talking, giving funny examples, asking us a questions…However, it seems to me that we are not ” diving into the swimming pool” (spanish expression to raise risk or difficult issues).He exposed his transformation tecnique based on thoughts and feelings. His work aims to tchange negative feelings into positive ones where the actors have to change with not so much help from the mediator.

However, maybe because we did not have enough time, maybe because the model is too simple, I believe that it is very difficult to put this in practice in large conflicts. I asked him how to change the feelings to a dictator or to a president that ignores the population desires and he stated that by starting working the feelings. But how can you work these feelings? This is a question that I have asked my self for a long time and I am finding some answers. Overall, I believe that transforming feelings can be done especially at grassroots levels and among divided societies, but it is very difficult to do it at higher levels, where the authors do not represent the own interests but their organizations which are normally motivated by power and economical perspectives.


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